• CEO Jakob Lindberg on Oncopeptides and Ygalo.

  • Oncopeptides

    Oncopeptides is a research and development stage pharmaceutical company developing drugs for the treatment of cancer. The company focus on the development of the lead product candidate Ygalo®, an alkylating peptide, Peptidase Enhanced Compounds (PEnCs). Ygalo® is intended as an effective treatment of hematological cancers, and in particular multiple myeloma.

About Ygalo®

Ygalo®, an alkylating peptide, belongs to a novel class of peptidase-enhanced compounds (PEnCs) and targets the MM tumor transformation process with a unique mechanism of action. Ygalo® differs from current cytotoxics through its unique ability to achieve higher concentrations of cancer killing molecules in cancer cells without a corresponding increase in damage to the patient’s bone marrow. Pre-clinical studies also show that Ygalo® kills on average 50 times more cancer cells than similar classes of treatment.

Oncopeptides Receives the SwedenBIO Award 2017

For the 11th time, SwedenBIO Award was awarded on Wednesday night.

Mechanism of action

Ygalo is an alkylating agent that leverages the overrepresentation of peptidase enzymes in cancer cells to increase the concentration of active cancer fighting molecules in myeloma cells: it is a peptidase potentiated alkylator.

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