The role of the CEO is subordinate to the board of directors and the CEOs’ main task is to carry out the Company’s ongoing management and the daily activities of the Company. The rules of procedure of the board of directors and the instructions for the CEO stipulate which matters the board shall resolve upon, and which matters fall within the CEOs’ area of responsibility.

Furthermore, the CEO is responsible for preparing reports and necessary information for decision-making prior to board meetings and presents the material at board meetings.

The senior management currently consists of the CEO, Company’s MD, CFO, Head of Regulatory Affairs, Head of Clinical Development, Head of CMC, CMO, CCO, Head of Medical Relations and Head of IR.

Name Position Member of senior
management since
Employed in the
Company since
Holdings in Oncopeptides (1)
Jakob Lindberg CEO 2011 2011 235,409 1,070
Birgitta Ståhl CFO 2016 2016 3,400
Elisabeth Augustsson Head of Regulatory Affairs 2015 2015 (2) 1,000
Eva Nordström Head of Clinical Development 2012 2012 10,000 201
Fredrik Lehmann Head of CMC 2008 2008 (2) 2,000 79
Johan Harmenberg CMO 2012 2012 (2) 5,000 160
Paula Boultbee CCO 2016 2016 (2)
Bengt Gustavsson Head of Medical Relations 2017 2017 600
Rein Piir Head of IR 2016 2016 (2) 2,500
(1) Refers to shares (“SH”) and employee options (“EO”) held in their own name as well as by affiliated natural and legal persons. Employee options that are vested in accordance with prevailing terms and conditions each entitle to the subscription of 900 shares in Company.
(2) The assignment is carried out on a consultancy basis.