Mechanism of action of Ygalo®

A first-in-class PEnC (peptidase-enhanced compound)

The Ygalo® MoA Story

Ygalo®, an alkylating peptide, belongs to a novel class of peptidase-enhanced compounds (PEnCs) and targets the MM tumor transformation process with a unique mechanism of action.

  • Aminopeptidases are heavily over-expressed in MM and are key to the transformational process of the tumor cells.
  • Ygalo® selectively targets MM through aminopeptidase-driven accumulation; in vitro experiments show a 50-fold enrichment of alkylating metabolites in MM cells.
  • The enrichment results in selective cytotoxicity (increased on-target potency and decreased off-target toxicity), and that resistance pathways of existing myeloma treatments (including alkylators) is overcome. Ygalo® also demonstrates strong anti-angiogenic properties.

Comparing clinical data between Ygalo® and the current standard of care in late-stage multiple myeloma patients indicates that treatment with Ygalo® increases overall survival, progression free survival and the number of patients with significant tumour burden reduction as well as being better tolerated by patients.