Mechanism of action

Ygalo® is an alkylating agent that leverages the overrepresentation of peptidase enzymes in cancer cells to increase the concentration of active cancer fighting molecules in myeloma cells: it is a peptidase potentiated alkylator.

Ygalo® is administered intravenously and is rapidly transported into cells where it is cleaved by peptidase enzymes, which impair transport of its active cancer-fighting agents out of the cell at the same time as driving more Ygalo® into the cell.

As there are more peptidase enzymes in cancer cells than normal cells, the peptidases act as a pump, drawing in more and more cancer fighting molecules as each Ygalo molecule is cleaved and has difficulty leaving the cell. The cancer fighting molecules then attack the cancer cell’s DNA killing the cancer cell as its grows.

In this way, Ygalo® uses the cancer cell’s own chemical composition to stop the cancer growing.

Pre-clinical studies have shown that through peptidase potentiation Ygalo® can achieve a fifty-times higher concentration of cancer fighting molecules and kill fifty-times more cancer cells than equivalent treatments.

Comparing clinical data between Ygalo® and the current standard of care in late-stage multiple myeloma patients indicates that treatment with Ygalo® increases overall survival, progression free survival and the number of patients with significant tumour burden reduction as well as being better tolerated by patients.